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John Joyce  

John Joyce - author of the Virtual Trilogy


Hello, and thanks for visiting me on this website. My goal is to bring you well written, entertaining and exciting books that will transport you to new places and new situations for the time you are reading them: books about vivid and unique characters in challenging situations, books that are well researched and well plotted - the sort of books I like to read myself.

I started my writing career in earnest during the long, cold winter of 1976 during a period of unemployment as a fledgling marine scientist after completing my PhD in oceanography at Lowestoft, Suffolk, England.

My first novel "The Beach Ring", was a homage to one of my favourite authors Ted Lewis who wrote "Jack's Return Home" (which was subsequently filmed as "Get Carter"). Looking back on it now, I'm grateful that it was never published, but it did teach me two things - firstly that I could write a full length thriller, and secondly that writing a book is one thing, but getting published is a whole different ballgame!

From Lowestoft, I moved to Ireland in January 1977 and kept writing. This time it was a series of popular articles on marine biology entitled Voyage to See What's On the Bottom for the Irish magazine Diving Ireland which I illustrated with my own cartoons and line drawings.

To my delight (and intense surprise) I was awarded the Glaxo EU Fellowship for Science Writers in 1978 by the then Taoiseach (Prime Minister) of Ireland, Mr. Jack Lynch. This gave me the confidence to keep writing and my first published book Captain Cockle and the Cormorant - this time for children - was published by Poolbeg Press.

You can check out the Captain Cockle series of books at

Meanwhile, I had also embarked on a series of thrillers in the style of Michael Crichton based around the premise that the earth is covered with a network of natural energy fields called ley lines which, if properly focussed, have to power to warp time. One theory has it that areas of the oceans where ships and aircraft disappear also occur where ley lines meet - witness the Bermuda Triangle and the area in the Pacific to the south west of Japan.

Add to this a large helping of cutting edge technology, a reclusive billionaire genius mourning the death of his beloved wife, an artificially intelligent computer with a mind of its own, and you have The Virtual Trilogy, which first appeared in 1998 with the first volume Virtually Maria. This was followed by A Matter of Time and Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow, of which only A Matter of Time was published by Poolbeg, leaving The Virtual Trilogy incomplete.

Nevertheless, I kept writing and produced two more manuscripts for novels - The Edge of the World and Fire & Ice - as well as a number of childrens' books and incomplete drafts. At this stage, having had no publishing success since A Matter of Time, I might have given up - had it not been for three things: my own love of the writing process, the translation of Virtually Maria and A Matter of Time into Russian by the Moscow-based published ACT, and a constant stream of e-mails from readers all over the world asking me when the final book in The Virtual Trilogy was going to be published.

This motivated me to look at new ways of getting my books available to my readers once more. Now, after a great deal of work, all my books will soon be available through Spindrift Press to be ordered online at and

I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoyed writing them.



You can read a list of Frequently Asked Questions on how I wrote each of the Virtual Trilogy books - Virtually Maria, A Matter of Time and Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow, as well as my new Cold War thriller Fire & Ice on the following pages:

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